ONE-STOP SaaS Platform

XMORSE is a one-stop SaaS platform that allows you to easily and
easily perform data analysis from data extraction to processing/linked/utilization.

Programing Process

XMOSRE is a big data visualization analysis solution that combines studios, big data visualization analysis tools,
and communication and collaboration platforms to form a big data analysis environment.

Key Technologies of XMORSE

  • Low Code / No Code
  • BI
  • Share

Low Code

  • Low Code-based processes that use minimal coding
  • Low Code reduces development and reduces reliance on professional IT staff

No Code

  • No Code Data Analysis Tool for Use Without Coding
  • Drag and Drop for easily configuring data analytics environments and generating results charts for general practitioners

On-Premises & SaaS

  • Reliable and accurate data visualization analysis solution based on MSA Cloud APIs
  • Efficient SaaS delivery with over 550 API
  • Delivering On-Premise Services for Private Cloud Infrastructure Deployments in the Enterprise

Design & Visualization

  • Provides charts with more than 30 intuitive and original designs, supports data-driven decisions
  • Maximize the convenience of analysis with over 600 options to change/define charts without code, statements, and queries


  • Data analysis using AI, such as artificial intelligence model development and training simplification
  • Delivering high-quality business through data-tailored development and association analysis

Share real-time issues

  • Provides a platform for real-time sharing and communication of data visualization analytics
  • Share issues and derive insights using various communication tools such as text, images, charts, and videos

Defining the Troubleshooting Process

  • Sharing issues with complex causes organically related > Possible to closely examine the causes of problems in each part
  • Record and materialize the issue resolution process and use it as an asset to build a future resolution process

Data is a business asset of potential value.

Active data utilization enables better decision making and performance generation.
Find new insights with XMORSE's Big Data Visualization Analysis!

business asset