break a problem!

Stonebreak is a workplace where you can share data analytics charts and
project issues in real time and use a variety of tools to solve problems.

Scatter Analytics

Programing Process

StoneBreak is a collaborative tool that allows you to share issues in various forms, including images, charts, videos, and code,
and record the troubleshooting process to create assets for the troubleshooting process.

StoneBreak Benefit

  • Share Analysis Results/Opinions
  • Define the issue response process


  • Share charts to other systems using the API provided by STONEBREAK

Various sharing tools

  • Issue registration and communication are possible using various tools such as images, charts, videos, and codes
  • Support for free communication using various tools such as images, charts, videos, and code

A records of the Troubleshooting Process

  • Discussion of registered issues and all process of resolving issues are recorded
  • Types problem approaches where multiple factors are organically complexly related

Clean up the process of troubleshooting

  • You can define an issue handling process by recording the process of sharing, discussing, and resolving issues
  • Defined troubleshooting processes are used as assets

Effective decision making through real-time communication and chart sharing!

Share real-time charts and discuss published issues with each other. Discussions can help you identify the cause of the problem and gain effective troubleshooting process definition and issue management assets.

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