“STICK”, Make it easy and stick wherever you want!

Stick is a data visualization analysis dashboard that can efficiently manage your data
and paste it anywhere, such as apps and the web.


Programing Process

Stick is a data monitoring studio where you can easily and conveniently configure a big data analysis environment
with Drag&Drop and embed it into your app/web/own system to view analysis results.

Stick Benefit

  • Dashboards to make simple
  • Flexible data access
  • Various components

Dashboards to make simple

  • Development of programs Data visualization tools that enable flexible selection and customization of framework data sources and charts that are freely available to non-linguistic practitioners to achieve meaningful analysis results
  • Embedded data analysis function that can be easily attached to my app and system without installing a program

The prosumer's dashboard store

  • provides a variety of dashboards for data visualization and analysis
  • Prosumer: Leverage your expertise to develop and sell dashboards to meet your needs, thereby reducing development staff costs and reducing technical costs

Cloud SaaS and multiple data access

  • Cloud SaaS and multipleAccess cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), legacy, API, Google sheet, and more, and collect data quickly data access

Connecting to AI Models

  • Perform more accurate data analysis with connections from personal development models to commercial AI models

More than 50 components

  • Offers more than 50 different components
  • Customizable dashboards

More than 30 chart types

  • Provides more than 30 chart types for visual representation of data, enabling effective analysis

Let's make it and
stick it on right away!

Use your data in a variety of fields with a dashboard that is
made easy and embedded in any system.

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