What is Scatter Machine

Scatter Machine?

The AI User Custom Application enables you to create and train your AI model with just a few clicks.

Scatter Machine

01Click to resolve all operations

There is no need for code or expert help to coordinate the training
of AI models. Even non-experts can see the training and
prediction results of AI in just a few clicks.

02All I need is data

What Scatter Machine users need is not knowledge
of artificial intelligence, statistics, or mathematics.
Scatter Machine is an easy and convenient application
that can implement artificial intelligence by simply inserting data.

03Learn from Model

The process of learning the data using models developed
on the Scatter Machine or models designed by the user.
If the image classification model does not learn data well,
it is trained using a data augmentation model (GAN).

04Free distribution of trained
artificial intelligence

The trained AI model is designed to be distributed, applied,
and applied in many ways. Effectively apply artificial intelligence
to your business, such as data analysis and application to industrial sites.




Non-experts can implement artificial intelligence without the need for a separate training operation.

Share and Linked

Share and Linked

Strategic collaboration is possible by sharing and linking processes and outcomes for AI training within the team.

Deployment and Applicable

Deployment and Applicable

It can be applied to various analysis tools and software through easy export.

Quick Interface

Quick Interface

It realizes the development of artificial intelligence that is more convenient with the configuration of an interface that can grasp the training process or prediction results at a glance.

No code for AI

For machine learning and deep learning, we need to learn professional code or hire IT professionals. But Scatter Machine doesn't require code or IT professionals, just data and clicks make it difficult to learn machines.

Transparent Process

All procedures for creating and learning an artificial intelligence model are shown to the user through logs and result values.

Simplicity of tuning

The procedure of tuning for optimizing machine learning begins and ends just by entering and clicking numbers. Scatter Machine can make your AI model easy, accurate, and sophisticated.