Scatter Analytics

Quickly and accurately analyze hundreds
of millions of ultra-large big data!

Use visual elements such as charts, graphs,
and maps to conduct data analysis to draw meaningful conclusions.

Scatter Analytics

Programing Process

Scatter Analytics is a data visualization analytics platform that can quickly and accurately process hundreds
of millions of mega-sized big data without installing a separate system.

Scatter Analytics Benefit

  • Big Data Visualization
  • Flexibility in the analytics environment
  • AI

Compressing technology big data visualization

  • Using original data compression technology fast data visualization processing
  • Restore from low resolution to high resolution

Smart Query Engine

  • Minimize CPU and Memory Resources > Minimize Server Load
  • Built-in smart query engine to distribute tasks

Priority Que Policy

  • Ensuring maximum equality of resource use
  • Use queues with priority weights by order of start to ensure safety

Layer Driven Visualization

  • Apply layer-driven visualization technology to apply distributed processing technology to visualization

AnyTime / AnyWhere

  • Data analytics based on cloud computing environments that are accessible anywhere, anytime, anywhere, anywhere

Anywhere-embedded API

  • Web, apps, self-developed programs, and any embedded solution

IoT Data Sensing Technology

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis with IoT Sensor Data GSPS (Giga Sample Seconds) based on 5G

MSA Architecture

  • Micro-Service Architecture (MSA) design foundation, nondisruptive deployment without downtime
  • Provides free scale in/out services

Automatically recognize and process data across different industries

  • Using advanced statistics such as SIX PACK, CPK, and score alignment with AI-based data visualization analysis
  • Accurate prediction/anomaly detection by clustering/classification of data

industrial AI

  • Design AI models for each industry domain as a cycle of "Learning → Deploy → Apply"
  • Optimization of industrial artificial intelligence that can link AI analysis

Automate anomaly detection through AI

  • Implementation of artificial intelligence technology that maximizes the utilization of generated and cumulative data and precision of anomaly detection through this

Scatter Analytics conducts data visualization analysis specific to each domain and customer.

Experience a next-generation data visualization analytics platform that combines big data/visualization/artificial intelligence with cloud computing services.

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