Why Scatter X?

The Reason of SCATTER X

Leading Data Visualization
Analysis Platform

SCATTER X has considered and studied its methods
and processes to provide the most convenient and effective analysis of data.
We've found a way to represent the data,
which is the sum of SCATTER X's products and solutions.


We are the closest to data

Data is not difficult.

It's just a different way of expressing it.
With SCATTER X's solution, we can get close to the data.


01Lack of IT staff and
reduced technical costs

Scatter Analytics will create a space for easy analysis and strategic
collaboration with IT departments that can be used in the field.

02Improving the quality
of data management

From decision-making through data to the development
of artificial intelligence, 'data' is at the bottom of the ladder:
if the data is inaccurate, there can be no accurate diagnosis or development,
and data quality management is essential.

SCATTER X will provide the most complete solution for quality,
including the structure and flow of data.

03Integrated creation of data

SCATTER X will lay the foundation for strategic sharing and
utilization within and outside the organization by organically
connecting the supply and use of data rather
than just a space for collecting data.

Competitive Edge (Killer Contents)



Low Code / No Code Offers over 50 top-of-the-line feature components

Provides the ability to build one complete system

Gallery Viewer

The processed part is visualized immediately because the visualization is processed in a partial range through the free Gallery View-enabled distributed processing

300 million or more data within 10 minutes (resource: within recommended specifications)

Chart Distributed Drawing

The only solution with Layer Driven distributed processing that allows hundreds of millions of data to be visualized in a single chart the fastest

100 million or more data within 3 minutes (resource: within recommended specifications)


When you want to analyze or understand the distribution and trend of data based on specific unique information, you can sort and analyze data that may have millions to hundreds of millions of pieces of information on an X-axis basis

X-axis alignment analysis is possible through tool tip information and zoom function


Ability to embed big data analytics into existing enterprise systems based on MSA APIs

The ability to use only big data visualization analysis functions in the system without changing the existing system (integration with the existing system is possible)


The chart type specialized for each domain or customer company is reflected according to the customer's needs to provide the customer's own specialized chart type, and the chart type can use all existing functions of Xmorse.

Customizable chart types that are only used by customers to use Xmorse's analysis options and features

Streaming Batch

Supports the ability to report tens of thousands of charts with live charts rather than images for real-time data

Provides a system real-time batch report that generates parameter data in 0.1 seconds