Talent who grows and develops with ScatterX!

ScatterX seeks growth
with its employees.

We try to help all ScatterX families reach their full potential and
provide an environment where they can grow together.
ScatterX's biggest asset is its executives and employees,
neither offices nor computers, and it strives to develop its employees' capabilities.

ScatterX identifies employees' abilities and tasks,
providing fair rewards and incentives for performance, a
nd creating a culture in which Scatter families can freely share opinions and present new ideas.
ScatterX aims to create a community that grows together,
to support and develop each other, and considers teamwork and
cooperation based on mutual communication and respect as the most important value.

ScatterX hopes to share the joy of growing together,
encouraging all employees to engage passionately in their work.

How Scatterx works

welfare and benefits

Educational support

Educational support

The company supports the self-development of ScatterX families by preparing for various certificate tests, purchasing textbooks, and purchasing books. The development of ScatterX executives and employees is the development of ScatterX!

Working from home on Monday

Working from home on Monday

Office workers who are having a hard time with Monday blues! I'm at home on Monday in Scatterx!!ScatterX has designated Monday as a work-from-home day to eliminate Monday's illness for executives and employees and reduce the difficulty of long-distance commuting! Working from home is relaxing?? No! When working from home, our ScatterX executives and employees are creating a culture where they work harder!

Snacks and coffee that don't dry up!

Snacks and coffee that don't dry up!

The cafeteria in one corner of the office is equipped with non-drying snacks, coffee machines! and ice-making machines! ScatterX is proud of the environment where you can enjoy tea time and snack time at any time!

Be bold in using your vacation! Work responsibly!!

Be bold in using your vacation! Work responsibly!!

Scatterx is establishing an autonomous work system. We have a culture of using vacations freely and avoiding unnecessary overtime. Of course, everything autonomous should be based on responsibility, right? We're professionals!

It's even better because it's a small business!

It's even better because it's a small business!

The company is actively cooperating to enjoy all the benefits that small and medium-sized companies can receive, such as tomorrow's filling deduction, youth tomorrow's filling deduction, small and medium-sized business youth income deduction, and small and medium-sized business lease loans. We also provide severance pay, performance-based bonuses, and various congratulatory money!

ScatterX's talent recruitment process!

  • Job application

    01Job application

    It is the stage of recruiting the talent needed by ScatterX. The door to Scatterx is wide open to anyone. Please apply quickly and neatly!

  • Document screening

    02Document screening

    It is a step to check basic qualifications and verify ScatterX's reasons and capabilities to apply. It is not just a specification or a figure, but a step to confirm and sympathize with various aspects such as the applicant's values and attitude of life.

  • Interview screening

    03Interview screening

    It is a step to confirm the professionalism and suitability of the job through the 1st to 2nd interview screening. By making a comfortable talk time for an uncomfortable position, the applicant is confident in expressing himself and the interviewer is an important step in making the company's first impression.

  • Final acceptance

    04Final acceptance

    It's the stage of becoming a family of Scatterx. Congratulations! Welcome!

SCATTER X awaits valuable people who will create
"value" together around the world.

A job in employment

Recruitment of Front-End

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